Type:                          Cold Food, Frozen Food

Manufacturer:         Automated Products International (API) (AP)
Model:                        320, Alacarte
Serial No.:                 32004119003
Selections:                5 Trays with 8 vend motors in each,                                              configured as:  Top Tray 7-8 count single                                           spiral & 1- 4 Count single spiral                                                          selections; Second & Third Trays each                                               having 8- 8 count single spiral selections;                                        Fourth Tray  2-4 count dual spiral & 4-6                                             count single  spiral selections;  Bottom                                             Tray 1-4 count dual spiral, 1-6 count dual                                           spiral & 4-6-count single spiral selections.

                                    Total selections in this machine as                                                     configured 36.

Bill Acceptor:           None
Coin Changer:    
Condition:                  Excellent and Ready to operate
Price:                         $2,995


This vender may be set up as a Refrigerated or Frozen vender. It slaves to any one of the API 120 series machine models 123, 122, 121 glassfront snacks and the 223 coffee, utilizing the bill acceptor, coin acceptor, control board, and selection panel of the machine it’s slaved to (attached to).  The machine is currently configured to vend a wide array of ice cream, frozen food, and or fresh food products. This machine is also equipped with API’s Golden Eye guaranteed delivery system, ensuring a positive vend for the customer.   


GLASSFRONT DESIGN- means the most attractive method of merchandising food items while providing a wide variety of product offerings

FIRST ON, FIRST OUT SELECTIVITY-minimizes waste factor in refrigerated/frozen vending and ensures correct product rotation.

VARIABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL-can be set at (-15 F) to (+36 F) quickly and easily. 3/4 HP refrigeration system can be serviced from the front of the machine.

MODULAR DESIGN-allows you to operate the 320 Series via new generation 120 Series or 310 control module.

VERSATILE SHELF DESIGN-allows for vending up to eight different selections per shelf. With up to 16 motor positions per shelf, you are ensured precise product width per selection while maximizing shelf capacity!

SIMPLICITY OF DESIGN-means easy to set up and easy to operate; API has taken glassfront vending to the next level of maximize food vending profitablity.

    * Height: 72"
    * Width:  37.5" without
    * Depth: 33-3/8"
    * Shelves: Five shelves and up to 36 selections.
    * Capacity: 238 items
    * Weight: 800 lbs.
    * Operation - electric, CSA and UL Listed
    * Electrical - 129volts; 60Hz; 16 amperes


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