6000-6600 and 6000XL-6600XL


Type:                            Snack Glassfront

Manufacturer:            Automated Products (AP) (API)
Model:                          6000-6600 and 6000XL-6600XL
Selections:                  32 plus 2 gum and mint   
                                       4 snack trays @ 4 selections each
                                       2 candy trays @ 8 selections each
                                       4 gum and mint
Bill Acceptor:              Mars MEI VN2501
Coin Changer:             Mars MEI TRC6000
Condition:                    Reconditioned and Ready to Operate
Price:                           $1,095 (AP 6000 and AP6600XL)


The AP 6000 is just 27 5/8” deep (great for a narrow door opening) while the 6000XL is 35” deep. The trays and spirals (coils) in the AP 6000 are slightly shorter (less deep) due to the cabinet depth resulting in less capacity for the AP 6000.  Everything else about these models is identical.


The AP 6000 and 6000XL models are an excellent mix of tradition and technology, pleasing to the eye, highly functional and easy to operate by both the customer and vender.  We reface these machines with high-grade commercial vinyl.  During this process, all vertical and horizontal trims are removed and replaced, as needed.  In addition, each face panel is removed and has new vinyl applied to it. The end result is a new look that will stand the test of time with no exposed edges or seams for customers to pick at or peel. Mechanically, you can expect the model you choose to be in 100% working order.


Automatic Products International (API) (AP) is now a Crane National Vendors/Crane Merchandising Systems (CMS) brand built in Williston, SC.   The company built its reputation for making the best snack machines money could buy based on the production of its 6000, 6000XL and  7000 series machines.   

Warranty:  A 30 day part warranty is included (All replacement parts to be supplied/obtained from seller, Automated Services LLC, 145 Pepes Farm Rd Milford, CT 06460. Labor is the responsibility of the buyer.)



    * Direct pricing option (Set prices by direct entry, eliminating price incrementing routine)

    * Check item pricing from outside the machine by making a selection with no money deposited.   

    * Newly installed Mars/MEI VN2501 bill acceptor upgrade

    * Height: 72"
    * Width: 33"
    * Depth: Model 6000 = 27 5/8"; Model 6000XL = 35"

    * Weight: Model 6000 = 495 lbs; Model 6000XL = 640 lbs.
    * Shelves: 6
    * Capacity: Model 6000 = approx. 330 items;  Model 6000XL = approx. 500 items
    * Electrical - 115 VAC 60Hz.;  CSA and UL Listed


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