S2000 (S Series)

Model 719  

Type:                      Glassfront
Manufacturer:     Vendo M&M Masterfoods USA
Model:                   Vendo S-2000 719 

Serial Number:   119272

Selections:           12
                                 3 Bag Modules

                                   Each having 3 columns/vertical spirals                                    holding 39 bags each

                                   Total capacity per bag module = 117 bags
                                 2 Bar Modules

                                   Each having 4 columns/vertical spirals                                    holding 46 bars each

                                  Total capacity per bar module = 184 bags

                                Total capacity: As configured 719 items

                                 (351 bags & 368 bars)

Bill Acceptor:       Mars/MEI VN2512 (Accepts $1's and $5's)
Coin Changer:      Coinco USQ-700 (4 tube)
Condition:              Excellent & Ready to Operate in 100% Working Order                                          
Price:                     $1,995


This Vendo S2000 (S series)  Model 719 Masterfoods Branded  M&M vending machine is in great shape, in fact, very close to new both inside and out. This is a REFRIGERATED Candy / Snack machine which utilizes the same technologies found in Coke and Pepsi machines, foam insulated cabinets and self contained refrigeration units which are dependable easily serviced.  Products are kept slightly chilled adding to their freshness, extending their shelf and allowing you to sell chocolates year round. It is 1 of only 3 makes/models manufactured that are UL/CUL Approved FOR OUTDOOR USE, and may be used indoors as well. It offers, by far, the greatest brand recognition with M&M’s, M&M Peanuts, Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Milky Way, Sour Skittles, Original Fruit Skittles, Starburst and etc.

Vending operators have enjoyed success placing these machines in shopping and outlet malls, beach and pool clubs, big box store entrance ways and exit ways, camp grounds, park & recreation centers, community centers, marinas, amusement centers & parks just to name a few. This particular machine was operated in doors, there are no sign of weathering or sun bleaching, is truly in exceptional condition.

The Vendo Company is located Fresno, CA. 

* REFRIGERATED CANDY / SNACK MACHINE- Fully foamed in place polyurethane foam insulated     cabinet.     
* SUPPORTS MDB- Coin changers & bill acceptor systems 
*  BACK-LITE- Illuminated M&M Branded Lexan Display Panel Medallion    
* Conveniently located selection buttons make the machine user-friendly     

* Height: 72"
* Width:  39"
* Depth: 30"
* Shelves: 17 columns/Vertical Spirals

* Capacity: 719 items (351 Bags and 368 Bars)
* Weight: 685 lbs.
* Operation - electric, CSA and UL Listed
* Electrical - 115 volt, 60Hz, 3 Amperes


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