AMS 39-VCB Visi Combo 

Type:                       Cold Drink, Snack,

                                  Fresh Vending Combo Manufacturer:  AMS,                                           Automatic Merchandising Systems, Inc.
Model:                     39-VCB Sensit  (Visi Combo)
Serial No.:             1309-5967
Selections:            34
                                 1 Snack Tray @5 selections, all 7 count                                                  spirals/coils
                                 1 Snack Tray @ 5 selections,  2-10&3-12 count                                    spirals /coils
                                 3  Beverage Trays @ 8 selections each
                                Top beverage tray: 1-15 & 2-24 ct spiral/coils for                                   small snacks + 5-8 ct spirals/coils for smaller                                       beverages
                                Mid beverage tray:  8-6 count spirals/coils
                                Bottom beverage tray: 

                                6-6 & 2-8 count spirals/coils
                                Total Capacity: as configured  approx  294

                                 items, 154 snack & 140 cold drinks-beverages
Bill Acceptor:       Conlux CV1012 $1 & $5
Coin Changer:     Conlux MCM5 (5 Tube $1 coin 2Q, D,N)
Condition:             Close to New 100% Operational
Price:                    $3,795
                               With credit card reader/acceptor option, add $495

This is a used 2013 AMS Sensit, model 39-VC (Visi-Combo) built by AMS (Automated Merchandising Systems) with Fresh Vending graphics. It merchandises chilled snacks and ice cold beverages in a variety of shapes and sizes normally ranging from 10oz to 20oz beverage containers, accepts $1 & $5 bills, nickels, dimes, quarters $1 coins and pays change with the same coin denominations. It’s equipped with AMS SENSIT Guaranteed Delivery System, which assures customers receive their selection and, if not, they are able to chose another item or receive an instant refund. The AMS control board with mdb supports credit card systems if need be. AMS combos are the best working combo vendors on the market, snacks are slightly chilled adding to their freshness and shelf-life and beverages are chilled to be cold and refreshing and are easily loaded into spirals. This 2013 39-VC  is in 100% working order , its overall appearance is excellent (close to new), pleasing to the eye with much of the luster of new still remaining.   The AMS factory is located Kearneysville, West Virginia. Replacement parts are readily available and reasonably priced.


A 30 day part warranty is included (All replacement parts to be supplied/obtained from seller, Automated Services LLC, 145 Pepe's Farm Rd Milford, CT 06460. Labor is the responsibility of the buyer.


* SENSIT GUARANTEED PRODUCT DELIVERY: Hang-ups are no longer a problem

* COMBINATION SNACK & COLD BEVERAGE MACHINE:  Fully foamed in place polyurethane foam insulated cabinet and heated triple-pain glass cools both beverages and snacks like no other machine on the market. 

* AUTOMATIC SHUTDOWN: Lets you program the machine to shut down during designated time periods.


* SUPPORTS MDB coin changers and  bill acceptor systems 

 Most parts are interchangeable with most other AMS vendors

    * Height: 72"
    * Width: 39"
    * Depth: 35"
    * Shelves: 6
    * Weight: 692 lbs. approx.
    * Capacity: As configured items 294 items
      (154 Snack & 140 Beverage Drinks)  
    * Operation - Electric, CSA and UL Listed
    * Electrical - 120 VAC, 60Hz.,  10.8 amps


      (800) 727-8363

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