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Type:                          Cold Food

Manufacturer:         Crane National Vendors, Crane                                                     Merchandising Systems, CMA
Model:                        430 Shoppertron

Selections:                9 Shelves (each able to be preset @                                                  6, 12, 18 or 24 items each)
                                     6 count - for 8 in. round plates
                                    12 count - for 4 inch round plates
                                    18 count - for 3.5 inch pie shape wedges
                                    24 count - for hot dogs or like sizes

Bill Acceptor:
           Mars MEI VN 2501
Coin Changer:          Mars TRC6000
Condition:                  Reconditioned and Ready to Operate
Price:                          $3,495


Currently the new API and Crane National Vendors' cold food machines run $ $8200 + freight & tax (depending on coin changer + bill acceptor options). The new Shopper models by API and Crane are basically built on the same design-lines as this reconditioned 430 Shopper, sharing the same number of selections, overall cabinet size, functions, and look in general.

We replace each of the 9 selection doors with new.  All vertical and horizontal trims are removed and replaced, as needed.  In addition, each face panel is removed and has new vinyl applied to it. The end result is a new crisp and clean look that will stand the test of time with no exposed edges or seams for customers to pick at or peel. Mechanically, we automatically upgrade the carousel stop-pin assembly, the refrigeration control system and bill acceptor.  You can expect this machine to be in 100% working order.

Crane National Vendors/Crane Merchandising Systems (CMS) machines are built in Williston, SC.   

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Type:                     Cold Food

Manufacturer:    Rowe International, Inc.

Model:                   448 E2 Showcase Food Merchandiser
Serial:                   38724
Selections:         11 Shelves/Levels
                               Each adjustable from 7 to 14                                                 compartments)
Bill Acceptor:      Mars/MEI VN2501
Coin Changer:     Mars/MEI TRC 6000
Condition:            Previously Reconditioned, Good++                                        Location Ready
Price:                   $2,295


Rowe’s designs for cold food machines set today's industry standards. The current models being produced by Crane/National Crane Merchandising Systems (CMS) and API are all based on Rowe designs and platforms. Rowe built four generations of the 448 Showcase Food Merchandiser, this 448E2 being the latest and most refined of all, making for an excellence choice as an entry level machine for the following reasons: appearance, functions, number of selections and overall design match current cold food machines available as new.

Rowe dominated the cold-food machine market with the 448E2. Most everyone in the trade handling fresh food opted to purchase 448E2 Showcase Food Merchandisers, hence a large number of these machine were produced and are still being operated, parts are readily available as used, new, and by after market parts suppliers at reasonable pricing.
This machine was previously reconditioned, and operated for a short time. Its appearance is excellent, it is mechanically sound and has the necessary up-grades to enhance its performance. You can count on this machine to have been toughly checked over by our technicians and to be in 100% working order.     
Rowe International Inc is based Grand Rapids, MI. Rowe, well known for advanced  designs in coin operated vending machines, is now a world leader in the design and manufacturing of Rowe jukeboxes and Rowe bill changer machines. 

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Type:                     Cold Food

Manufacturer:     Rowe International, Inc.

Model:                   550 Merchandiser
Serial:                   01770
Selections:         16 to 96
                              16 Shelves
                               Height - 5"; Width - 24"; Depth - 7"
                               Each shelf can set up as one                                                          compartment/selection @ 5" high,
                               24" wide, and 7" deep or may be divide                                       into any combination of compartments/                                        selections in 4" wide increments, creating                                  up to 6 compartments/selections per shelf.
Bill Acceptor:      Rowe CBA2
Coin Changer:     Mars MC5000
Condition:             Location Ready
Price:                    $2,595

What makes the Rowe 550 Merchandiser unique is compartment sizing, as you can see above. You can chose between 4”, 8”, 12”, 16” and 24” wide compartments all 7” deep and 5” high to accommodate a wide variety of packaging/foods .The shelves rotate on the same basic principles as a Ferris wheel, and each selection makes a great presentation as customers shop the selections.

Rowe called this machine a Full View Vendor and no other machine displays products as attractively. Rowe’s designs for cold food machines set today's industry standards. The current models being produced by Crane/National Crane Merchandising Systems (CMS) and API are all based on Rowe designs and platforms.

Rowe International, Inc. is based Grand Rapids, MI. Rowe, well known for their advanced designs in coin operated vending machines, is now a world leader in the design and manufacturing of Rowe jukeboxes and Rowe bill changer machines.      

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Type:                         Cold or  Frozen Food

Manufacturer:        Automatic Products International (API) (AP)

Model:                      320 Alacarte

Serial:                      32004119003

Selections:             5 Trays with 8 vend motors in each,                                           configured as:  Top Tray 7-8 count single                                      spiral & 1- 4 Count single spiral                                                       selections; Second & Third Trays each                                          having 8- 8 count single spiral selections;                                     Fourth Tray  2-4 count dual spiral & 4-6                                          count single  spiral selections;  Bottom                                          Tray 1-4 count dual spiral, 1-6 count dual                                      spiral & 4-6-count single spiral                                                        selections.

                                  Total selections in this machine as                                                 configured 36.

Bill Acceptor:         None

Coin Changer:        None

Condition:                Excellent and Ready to Operate

Price:                        $2,995


Notes:                       This vender may be set up as a Refrigerated or Frozen vender. It slaves to any one of the API 120 series machine models 123, 122, 121 glassfront snacks and the 223 coffee, utilizing the bill acceptor, coin acceptor, control board, and selection panel of the machine it is slaved to (attached to).  The machine is currently configured to vend a wide array of ice cream, frozen food, and or fresh food products. This machine is also equipped with API’s Golden Eye guaranteed delivery system, ensuring a positive vend for the customer.

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Type:                    Cold Food

Manufacturer:   Automated Products International (API) (AP)
Model:                  748
Serial #:               74804260023
Selections:         11 Shelves/Levels (adjusting from 7-14                                       compartments each)
Bill Acceptor:     Mars-Mei VN2502

Coin Changer:    Mars MEI VN4510 (high capacity 4 tube)

Condition:           Very Close To New

Price:                   $3,995

Notes:                 Currently, new API and Crane/National cold food machines run $7,800 to $8,200 + freight & tax (depending on coin changer + bill acceptor options).  Also, the new model has less to offer:     two (2) less shelves / levels and each shelf is four (4) inches smaller in diameter (that is two (2) less shelves for the customer to shop from and less capacity for you to merchandise and sell product).

The face, and all that pertains to the face on this machine, is indistinguishable from new.  The cabinet is free of dings and dents and compares to that of new (as brand new is often flawed in some small way). All aspects of the interior of this API 748, both mechanical and cosmetic, perform and look as new.

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Type:                        Nesquick Milk
Manufacturer:        Royal
Model:                      650
Selections:             10 Selection buttons                                                                   programmable to draw from one                                         or more of 12 columns
                                  12 Columns (capacities per                                                     column approximately 26 12 oz/1                                         pint bottles depending on exact                                            package size and shape)
                                  Total Capacity: 312
Bill Acceptor:         No (available at an additional cost)
Coin Changer:        No (available at an additional cost)
Condition:                New
Price:                        $2,595

This is a brand new machine. We have several coin changer and bill acceptor options to offer with this Royal Milk Merchandiser at an additional price. Milk Merchandisers differ from cold drink machines (soda machines). While both machines are considered stack type vendors, meaning the beverages are stacked on top of one another in columns, cold drink vendors only cool the bottom third of each stack, chilling the beverages as they come near the vend cycle. Milk machines, on the other hand, cool the entire stack of beverages and are equipped with health timers, devices required by most state laws ensuring products are safe for consumption. This Royal Milk Merchandiser may vend a variety of cold drinks:  energy drinks, juice, soda, and water packaged in12oz cans,16oz and 20oz bottles, as well.

The Royal 650 series column design differs from other leading manufacturers. While most manufacturers have columns designed to hold the same product in each column front to back, the Royal design divides each column into 2 spaces (a front and a back space) creating 12 columns, each column/space able to hold different products. The columns are assigned/programmed to one of 10 selection buttons by means of the machines electronic control board. This allows greater flexibility in establishing peak product capacity per selection for each location's needs, in-turn allowing the vending operator to increase time between service intervals.

Royal is the #1 manufacturer for Coca-Cola Coke machines.  The Royal factory is located in West Virginia. Replacement parts are readily available and reasonably priced.               

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