Type:                            Cold Food Shoppertron

Manufacturer:            Crane
Model:                          430
Bill Acceptor:              TRC 6000
Coin Changer:             VN2500
Condition:                    Reconditioned
Price:                           $3,750

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Type:                            Cold Food

Manufacturer:            Rowe
Model:                          550
Bill Acceptor:             Yes
Coin Changer:            Yes
Condition:                   Location Ready
Price:                           $2,595

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Type:                          Fresh or  Frozen Food

Manufacturer:          Automatic Products Int'l

Model:                        320 (with 310 Control Tower-Module)

Serial:                         32000202009

Selections:                20

Bill Acceptor:            Mars-Mei VN2512

Coin Changer:           Mars-Mei 7512i

Condition:                   Excellent

Price:                           $3,995

This vender may be set up as a Refrigerated or Frozen vender.  We currently also have an AP 320 without the Control Tower-Module, Bill Acceptor and Coin Changer.  That Vender slaves to the AP 120 Series snack machines, Models 122 and 123 and is priced at $3,195.

Specs. and Additional Information

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