USI 3208, Alpine ST5000


Type:                      Combo
Manufacturer:        FSI, U-Select-I Corp, USI, Wittern
Model:                    3208, Alpine ST5000

Selections:           35
 - 1 Snack Tray @ 5 selections each (for bag items, chips,              pastries, etc.) with 8-ct coils. Capacity 40 items ea.
 - 1 Snack Tray @ 6 selections with 1-10 ct, 1-12 ct, 1-15 ct & 3       14 ct coils. Capacity  approx. 79 items.

- 1 Split Candy/SnackTray @ 6 candy selections (for candy,             crackers,& granola types) with 6 6ct coils & 2 snack selections   with 1-10 ct &1 12 ct coil. Capacity approx. 130 items.

-1 Cold Beverage tray @ 10 selections for 16 oz-20oz bottles.         Total capacity 60 bottles.

 - 1 Cold Beverage high capacity can tray @ 6 selections for           12oz cans.  Total capacity 150 cans.

 - Total candy/snack capacity approx. 249 items

 - Total cold beverage capacity approx. 240 drinks.

Bill Acceptor:        Yes (accepts $1 & $5 bills)
Coin Changer:      Yes - 4 tube (accepts .05, .10 & .25 coins
Condition:              Used, Excellent. 100% operational & made                                 ready for location by Automated Services LLC
Price:                      $2,895

Please note: Product configuration in photo is not accurate.  Actual configuration will be as described above in the Selections section.


This is a used 2007 USI model 3208 Snack Cold Beverage Combo machine.  It accepts $1 & $5 bills, nickels, dimes, quarters, and pays change in the same coin denominations. It’s flexible enough to dispense a variety of cold beverages and snacks: chips, pretzels, pastries, candies, chocolates, cookies, crackers granola types, etc. It’s equipped with USI’s iVend  guaranteed delivery system. (Ensuring product delivery, vended products are detected by a info-red sensor system as they drop into the delivery bin. Customers are able to make another selection or receive a refund in the event there selection does not drop.)  Its controller board is MDB ready (able to support credit card systems if need be. This 3504 is like new in look, and in 100% working order.

FSI, Federal, Selectivend, U-Select-It, USI, and  Wittern are all brand names manufactured by The Wittern Group in Des Moines, IA . Although braded differently, and having model numbers that differ the machines offered by each brand are almost identical. With perhaps the greatest difference being how they are marketed, through price clubs (Sams Club) etc, vending machine distributors, and direct sales to small business, health care facilities and etc.  Replacement parts for these brands are readily available through Vend-Net 

Warranty:  A 30 day part warranty is included (All replacement parts to be supplied/obtained from seller, Automated Services LLC, 145 Pepes Farm Rd Milford, CT 06460. Labor is the responsibility of the buyer.)


* Delivery sensing technology iVend
* Tilting shelves easy loading pull out shelves
* Large easily readable Digital Display
* Adjustable Helixes (Spirals) 360 degree helixes adjust in 20 degree increments
* 10-Base Keypad for easy customer and service use.  Features adjustable back lighting and Braille
* MDB Payment System Ready -includes coin bill and card reader acceptance.

*  Height: 72"
Width: 41"
Depth: 38"
Shelves: 6 trays
Capacity: Approx. 231 candy, 72 gum/mint, 160 snack.  Total: Approx. 463 items
Weight: 640 lbs.
Electrical - 115 volts 60 Hz. 9.5 amperes


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