8050G Bean Grinder


Type:                     Hot Beverage

Manufacturer:    RMI Automated Products, API, AP

Model:                   8050G Bean Grinder

Selections:          14 Selection Buttons

                                1 Extra Strong Serving The Bean                                         Coffee and Soluble Decaf                                                       Coffee Selections

                                4 Bean Freshly Brewed Coffee                                             Selections - Black, Light, Black                                              with Sugar and Light with Sugar

                                4 Soluble Decaf Coffee

                                    Black, Light, Black with Sugar                                              and Light with Sugar

                                1 Tea (Soluble)

                                1 Extra Light

                                1 Extra Sugar

                                1 Soup

                                1 Whipped Hot Chocolate

Bill Acceptor:       Mars VFM

Coin Changer:      Mars 6800H

Condition:             Reconditioned and Ready to Operate

Price:                     $1,795  NEW LOWER PRICE


The process of designing and manufacturing hot beverage vendors that offer freshly brewed coffee is complex. RMI (Refreshment Machinery Industries) was acquired by Automatic Products (AP) (API) and is now part of Crane National Vendors CMS) group. Developed one of the best brewing systems. This same system/design, other than several tweaks to increase serving size, has remained in production until 2010. The reason for the change is production cost.  New hot beverage machines by major manufacturers are $6300.-$7000. While the new models offer additional soluble products (flavored coffees) and enable customers to chose between 2 cup sizes, these options are often used as sale tools to solicit potential customers (best ones competition) but contribute little to a company’s bottom line. Fresh brewed coffee will be the best seller by far and the ability to brew fresh coffee in either new or used will be equal.
This 8050G (G for Grinder) known as a bean machine, actually grinds the coffee beans for each vend cycle, the ground coffee is then brewed giving each customer an individual freshly ground and brewed cup on coffee. The coffee beans are poured into a hopper, the hopper is mounted on hinged bracket allowing the hopper to swing outward for easy loading and access to the coffee brewer. Soluble decal coffee, nondairy crème, sugar, soluble tea, soup and chocolate are loaded into individual canisters. The canisters have hinged lids and are easily filled and serviced. Cups are easily loaded into the dispensing unit conveniently located on the door. The 8050G is a basic version of its newer rivals. It has the essentials without the complexities additional options bring to the table. It’s easier to operate, maintain and service.

Our technicians are extremely familiar with the 8050 series and take pride in their work. All aspects of this machine's operation have been serviced, repaired and checked to deliver peak performance. This 8050G has been set up for an 8 ¼  oz  serving.  We have refaced this 8050G with high-grade commercial vinyl.  During this process, all vertical and horizontal trims are removed and replaced, as needed.  In addition, each face panel is removed and has new vinyl applied to it. The end result is a new look that will stand the test of time with no exposed edges or seams for customers to pick at or peel. Mechanically, you can expect this 8050G to be in 100% working order.  Replacement parts are readily available at reasonable prices as both new and used.  

Automatic Products International. (API) (AP) is now a Crane National Vendors/Crane Merchandising Systems (CMS) brand built in Williston, SC.   

Warranty:  A 30 day part warranty is included (All replacement parts to be supplied/obtained from seller, Automated Services LLC, 145 Pepes Farm Rd Milford, CT 06460. Labor is the responsibility of the buyer.)


* Microprocessor --- Assures accurate dispensing of commodities, the dispense time of each commodity,       and its sequence in the vend cycle
* Quick Recovery High Capacity Hot Water System
* Non Adjustable  Thermostat ---  Assures proper temperature at all times
* Thermostat & Control Switches --- Are mounted on the water tank lid for simple replacement
* In-Line Cup Dispensers --- Are completely visible for quick cup inventory and ease of loading
* Easy Maintenance --- Stainless steel cupwell, rounded corners and easy cleaning features make                    sanitation quick.  An open commodity rack, suspended product canisters and a minimum of horizontal        surfaces allow ease in cleaning. Unique exhaust system assures complete vapor dispersal.
* Canisters --- Auger-agition systems provides the most accurate and consistent product delivery. Hinged        lid assures sealed, dry products.
* Cabinet --- 18 gauge steel with 16 gauge door   
* Illuminated Temporarily Out Of Service Light ---Avoids customer inconvenience
* Coffee Offered 4 ways --- With an extra strong feature
* Freshly Brewed Coffee ---  A self-contained coffee brewing system  which utilizes an exclusive built-in air        piston system and  an inexpensive disposable filter that delivers a consistent cup of freshly brewed             coffee.      

    * Height: 72"
    * Width: 38"
    * Depth: 31"

    * Weight:  560 lbs.
    * Electrical - 120 volts;  60Hz.;  16 AMPS


    * Coffee Beans:  12 lbs.

    * Soluble Decaf: 1.5 lbs.

    * Creme: 4 lbs.

    * Sugar: 8 lbs

    * Chocolate: 12 lbs.

    * Soup: 4 lbs.

    * Tea: 1.5 lbs.

    * Cups: 850


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