VN2502, VN2511, VN2502, VN2512


Type:                     Bill Acceptor
Manufacturer:      Mars MEI
Model:                   VN2500 series:  VN2501, VN2511, VN2502, VN2512

Selections:          Accepts $1, $5  bills

                              (unless otherwise stated)          

Condition:            Reconditioned

Price:                   Starting at $125



In the early production of the Mars Mei VN2500  series, the controller boards lacked the ability to be upgraded to accept the newest $5 bill, hence the difference in pricing. It should be noted that both early and later productions look and perform to the same high standard. It is most important to match the 5th and 6th digits of the model # to your needs, as these as a group indicate, bezel type (affecting face and fit), and voltage type (110v or 24). There are generally 3 bill stacker sizes, designated by the 8th digit of the model #. The number 2-stacks 200 bills, #3-stacks 300 and #5-stacks 500. All stackers are easily interchanged with one another. The 9th digit designates the harness needed, letter E for a 9 pin harness and M for a mdb harness. We can help you if you’re unsure on stacker and harness choices.

MOST  SELLERS  CHARGE  EXTRA for these pigtail harnesses. WE DO NOT!         

Our coin changers and bill acceptors are backed by a 30 day exchange program.



  • Transaction Speed: approximately 4 seconds.
  • Bill insertion: Lengthwise, four way.
  • Escrow: One bill.
  • Capacity: 200 to 700 bill magazines.
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Operation - electric, UL Listed
  • Electrical - 90 to 135 VAC; 60Hz; 5 to 50 watts.
  • Low jam rate and high acceptance rate mean more transactions, less customer frustration and greater vend profits.
  • Increased bill capacity ensures ongoing service at high-volume sites.
  • Non-contact optical sensors eliminate pinch rollers; the smooth bill path reduces jams.
  • For tentative or impatient customers, bills can be fed in any direction, face up or down.
  • Little or no bill preparation is required.
  • The VN 2500 accepts $1, $2 and $5 bills - and can be easily configured to address changing needs. It can also be updated to handle potential new currency designs.
  • While no system can claim complete security, the Series 2000 sensors greatly reduce vulnerability to both "yank cheating" and counterfeits.
  • Salting protection - if salted the bill acceptor normally recovers without the need for a service call, continuing to operate and satisfy customers.

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