VN4000, VN4010, VN4510


Type:                     Coin Acceptor
Manufacturer:      Mars MEI
Model:                  VN4000 Series: VN4000, VN4010, VN4510

Selections:          4 Coin Payout Tubes (Cassette Type)        

Condition:            Reconditioned
Price:                    VN4510-$115
VN4000 and VN4010 - $250

Notes:                   The VN4510 is for MDB (Multi Drop Bus 24 Volt) systems only and is a plug-in compatible replacement for the Mars MEI TRC6512 and TRC6510, as well as the Coinco 9302gx 3 tube coin changers.

The VN4000 is for 110v systems only and is a plug-in compatible replacement for the Mars MEI  TRC 6000, and MC5000  as well as the Coinco 9302 3 tube coin changers.

The VN4010 is for 24v (15 pin) systems and is a plug-in compatible replacement for the Mars MEI TRC 6010XV  and the Coinco 9302LF  3 tube coin changers.

The available change payout tubes for the VN4000 series cassettes are: nickel, dime, quarter and the dollar coin, with 15 standard cassette configurations. For 110v & 24v systems, the VN4000 (110v) and VN4010 (24v) are the only compatible high capacity coin acceptors available.  They are currently out of production as new and in high demand as reconditioned. We can normally configure the coin payout tube cassettes to meet your change requirements.

Our coin changers and bill acceptors are backed by a 30 day exchange program.



- Vend price range: Function of vendor control system.
- Coin acceptance: U.S. nickel, dime, quarter, dollar coin.
- Coin payout: Flexible.
- Capacity: 82 nickels, 118 dimes, 90 quarters, 75 $1 coins.
- Coin dispense:  One coin dispense from appropriate button.
                                 For continuous dispense, hold button down for 4 dispenses.
                                 To stop, push button once.


- This 4-tube Series 4000 coin changer allows the  operator to select the best combination of tubes (15 standard coin-tube configurations [4 tubes each]) to maximize sales and minimize coin-refill service calls at each site.

- The tube cassette is easily accessed, removed and replaced to facilitate routine coin-loading, and cassette configurations can be changed in the field without tools!

- Eliminates the need for an independent bill changer as it accepts $1, $2 and $5 bills.

- The Series 4000 is designed to fit in new and existing machines.


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