Type:                  Glass Front Combo
Manufacturer:  API, Automatic Products

                            Crane Merchandising Systems, CMS

Model:                LCM4

Selections:       30

                            2 snack trays @ 5 selections ea.

                            1 candy tray @ 10 selections ea.

                            (Total snack/candy capacity approx. 300 items)

                            10 12-oz cold drink selections

                            (Total capacity 180 12 oz. cans)
Bill Acceptor:   
Mei  VN2000 ($1.00 bills)
Coin Changer:  
MDB (3-Tube  with 05, .10, and .25 coin                                                   acceptance & pay-outs)
Condition:         Used, in great shape, close to new and 100%                                   operational
Price:                 $2,595


This LCM4 Soda-Snack Combo looks close to new and is in 100% working order. It merchandises candy, snacks, pastries and cold drinks (12 oz cans), accepts $1  bills, nickels, dimes quarters and pays change with the same coin denominations. The LCM4’s controller board has a MDB (Multi-Drop Bus) port and is able to support sophisticated coin and bill acceptors needed for $5 bill acceptance and credit card systems if need be. This machine may be up graded to accept $5 bills & pay change with the above coin denotations plus dollar coins at an additional $200. For additional information such as capacities, features and specs, click onto to Specs and Additional Information link below. 
Automatic Products Inter. (API) (AP) is now a Crane National Vendors/Crane Merchandising Systems (CMS) brand built in Williston, SC. 


A 30 day part warranty is included (All replacement parts to be supplied/obtained from seller, Automated Services LLC, 145 Pepe's Farm Rd Milford, CT 06460. Labor is the responsibility of the buyer.) 



Heavy duty sixteen gauge steel cabinet with metal trays / shelves

Nickel chrome-plated spirals

Braille numeric telephone key pad selection system

Operator friendly electronics

Maximizes product capacity

Multi-Drop-Bus port

Eight-point star drive spiral motors




Height:   72”

Width:   38-7/8”

Depth:  35"

Capacities:  10 selections of 12oz cans @ 18 cans each total cans 180

                    10 selections of pastries / snacks @ 10, 12 & 15 items each, total approx 120 items

                    10 selections of candy @ 15, 18, 24 items each, total approx 192 items       

Electrical:    15 VAC, 60Hz, 8 AMPS CSA, UL & FCC Listed

Shipping Weight: 730 lbs  


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