474 Refreshment Center 2 Combo

Type:                      Combo
Manufacturer:      Crane National Vendors,

                                Crane Merchandising Systems, CMS

Model:                     474 Refreshment Center 2 Combo,                                            Snack & Soda Combo 

Selections:             24+ 5 gum & mint

                                 3 snack trays @ 4 selections ea. with                                         varied capacities of 9-15 items per                                             selection

                                  1 candy tray @ 8 selections ea. with                                            varied capacities of 15-20 items per                                           selection

                                  4 cold drink selections for 12 oz. cans,                                       capacity of  18 cans per selection,

                                   total capacity =72 12 oz. cans
                                  5 gum / mint selections

                                  Capacity: 120 items

Bill Acceptor:         Mars VN 2000 ($1)
Coin Changer:      
Mars TRC6000
Condition:              Excellent, 100% working order 
                                 and ready to operate
Price:                     $2,295


This 474 Refreshment Center 2 (COMBO) is 2 machines in one: A conventional snack machine, and a cold drink/soda machine. Chilled beverages are disbursed from a module within the conventional snack machine. (A miniature refrigerated conventional cold beverage / soda machine).  The cold drink module holds 72 12oz cans and offers 4 selections (flavors slots) each with a capacity of 18 12oz cans. Products are easily replenished / loaded from the front of the machine.             
The Crane National Vendors (CMS) 474 Refreshment Centers are popular within the vending trade, they perform well, and with dual spiral (coil) snack selections seldom fail to deliver product.  Candy selections can be easily converted to snack selections by electronically coupling 2 candy selections to run simultaneously (No tools required). It’s an option that really helps tailor the machine's configuration to the location's needs.
Mechanically, we address several minor inherent problems with manufacturer-approved procedures. You can expect this 474 Refreshment Center to be in 100% working order.       

Crane National Vendors / Crane Merchandising Systems (CMS) Machine are built in Williston, SC.  



 A 30 day part warranty is included (All replacement parts to be supplied/obtained from seller, Automated Services LLC, 145 Pepe's Farm Rd Milford, CT 06460. Labor is the responsibility of the buyer.)


MERCHANDISING FLEXIBILITY- Sell candy and snacks on the same shelf. Motors couple easily and divider slide out to convert to either candy or snack.

EASY LOADING- Each shelf tilts forward at 45 degrees, making it easy to reach even the upper shelves.

CONTINUOUS PRICE ROLLS-Just dial up the correct price. No more little price tabs that fall out, get lost, or are hard to find.

ADVANCED ELECTRONICS- Each item can be individually priced, data can be recalled by selection or machine total, self-diagnostics appear in plain English on credit display when door is opened, time and date capabilities, winner mode with pre-determined products and interval (from1:10 to 1:9,999), selected items can be discounted with time of day functions or offered “Free Vend”, and the scrolling  messages display communicates promotional / special events to customers

CONSUMER FRIENDLY -The alpha numeric keypad makes choosing a product easy for consumers. The large buttons and bold lettering make it simpler to use than other systems.



Height: 72"

Width: 32"

Depth: 35.38"

Weight: 665 lbs.

Operation -  Electric, UL listed, C.S.A.certified, FCC verified, AMA approved

Electrical - 115 volts; 60Hz; 5 amperes.



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