Type:                          Cold Drink Machine

Manufacturer:           Dixie Narco (DN)
                      DN 240CC/168
Selections:                6
                                      3 Narrow Double Depth Columns
                                      (Capacity 24 12 oz. cans each)
                                      3 Wide Double Depth Columns
                                      (Capacity 56 12 oz. cans each)
                                    Total Capacity: 240 12 oz. cans)
Bill Acceptor:            Coinco BA30B $1
Coin Changer:
          Mars/ Mei TRC6800H
Condition:                 Used,  Excellent & 100% Operational
                        $1,595 each  NEW LOWER PRICE


We have 2 DN240CC Coke machines. Built in the 80’s, the machines are destined to be come collector items. Perfectly proportioned miniature versions of Coca-Cola’s full size machines, not toys, nor reproductions, these are actual soda vending machines built for Coke's vending division in the mid-late eighties. Sized at 67” high, 29” wide and 29” deep, the machines are easily utilized in home and small office applications without overpowering special spaces. The perfect accent to any space!  


The machines are 100% operational, and exceptional in appearance.  Dixie Narco is a major manufacturer of vending machines for Coca-Cola , Pepsi & etc. and is located in Williston, SC.

Warranty:  A 30 day part warranty is included (All replacement parts to be supplied/obtained from seller,
Automated Services LLC, 145 Pepe's Farm Rd Milford, CT 06460. Labor is the responsibility of the buyer.)

*Double Depth  --- 12 oz. Can High Capacity (or 10oz PLBs)
*Extremely Simple Vend Mechanism --- accessible from the front, operating mechanism for each stack/column  can be replaced on location by removing 4 screws.
*Refrigeration system --- complete sealed refrigeration unit and control are easily reached from the front of the cabinet: oversized evaporator cools rapidly.
*Foamed - in - place ---  insulation greater cabinet strength with increased damage resistance, lighter weight, higher insulation efficiency  and more vending capacity for a given floor area is provided by polyurethane foamed – in – place insulation.
*Reinforced Base --- assembly provides greater structural strength and a sold foundation against damage from moving the vender or the use on casters. Holes provided in base to fasten vender to floor.
*Double Security Door --- two rugged, reinforced doors eliminate joint cracks on front cabinet to discourage vandals. The interior of the door is designed with a structurally reinforced security vault, which contains the coin changer and coin box. Accessory lock holds doors together, allowing product loading only. 
*Corrosion Resistance --- top, sides and all external parts of cabinet and door are made of galvanized steel, especially designed to resist ocean spray.
*Vandal Panels --- deter vandalism , 12 gauge galvanized steel panels riveted to cabinet wall and bolted to door side, conceal gasket joint; easily replaced on location, to restore new look if vandals strike.
*Lockout System --one plug-in relay--perites operation of remaining columns, even if one column is inoperative.
“Sold-out” lamp lights on inoperative column
*Medallion --- is of tough, impact resistant Lexan material.
*Safety --- all internal edges are hemmed and corners capped to reduce product damage or injury to employees.

 * Height: 67"
* Width: 29"
* Depth: 29"
* Shelves: 6 columns
* Capacity: 240 12 oz. cans
*  Weight: 510 lbs
* Electrical - 120 volts: 60Hz, 11 1/2 amperes.

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