Type:                         Cold Drink

Manufacturer:         Dixie Narco  DN  Crane       
                    DN 276E S11-7, DN 276E
Selections:               7
                                   7 Columns each with a capacity of                                      48 cans or 28 16/20 oz Bottles
                                   (Total possible 12 oz can capacity                                        336, total possible 16/20 bottle                                              capacity 196)
Bill Acceptor:          Mei VN2000 ($1 and $5)     

Coin Changer:         Mei 4510 (4 tube)
Condition:                 Used,  Excellent & Ready to                                                     Operate    
Price:                         $2,195


The Dixie Narco 276E models were specially designed to vend 20 oz.  & 16 oz. plastic pet bottles in double-depth high capacity columns, with a large package delivery ports for Coke, Pepsi and other major bottlers. At 28 inches wide and 33 inches deep, it is Dixie’s smallest entry in this category. The E models also vend 12oz cans in high capacity triple depth columns and 16oz cans of the same diameter in double depth columns. Each selection is relatively easy to set for bottles or cans, however cans and bottles require different shims kits & vend motor settings. We will preset each selection to your needs for the above packaging at no extra charge.     


 Dixie’s S11 ELECTRONIC control board with system diagnostics & system set-up/audit functions, allows each selection to be individually priced, supports (Multi Drop Bus) related products such as 4 & 5 tube coin acceptors and credit card acceptance systems. This Dixie Narco 276E-RS11-7 accepts $1 and $5 bills, nickels, dimes, and quarters, pays change in the same coin denominations, and is in 100% operating condition. Its overall appearance is excellent, pleasing to the eye with a hint of the luster of new still reaming. The 276E models are well known for their dependability and ease of service. Replacement parts are readily available at reasonable prices as both new and used.


 Dixie Narco is a major manufacturer of vending machines for Coca-Cola , Pepsi & etc. and is located in Williston, SC.

A 30 day part warranty is included. (All replacement parts to be supplied/obtained from seller, Automated Services LLC, 145 Pepe's Farm Rd Milford, CT 06460. Labor is the responsibility of the buyer.) 

* Double-Depth High Capacity 16/20 oz. bottle     
    vending 12 oz. cans @ Triple)

* Large Package Delivery Port (to accommodate
    20 oz. bottles)

* Simple Field Conversion (for different                          packages)
* Multi-Pricing Capability.
* Historical and Interval Accounting Data.
* DEX and MDB Compatible
* Automatic Service        Diagnostics.
* CFC-Free, Lint Tolerant, 1/3 HP Refrigeration           System
* UL/COL outdoor approved

 * Height: 72"
* Width: 28"
* Depth: 34.75"
* Shelves: 7 columns
* Capacity: 336 12 oz. cans or 196 16/20 oz bottles
*  Weight: 687 lbs
* Operation - electric, CSA and UL listed
* Electrical - 120 volts: 60Hz: 11 1/2 amperes.

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