650-10 RVCDE Merlin IV 


Type:                     Cold Drink
Model:                   650-10  RVCDE  Merlin IV
Selections:          10 Selection buttons

                                programmable to draw from one or                                      more of 12 columns.

                               12 Columns (capacities per column                                       approximately 54 12-oz cans or 

                              24-20 oz  swirl bottles (Coke & Pepsi                                     types) 

                               Total Capacity: 648 12-oz cans 288

                               20-oz  bottles

Bill Acceptor:       Mei VN2312 ($1 only)                           

Coin Changer:     Mei TRC6512 (3 tube)
Condition:             Used, Excellent & Ready to Operate
Price:                     $1,395  NEW LOWER PRICE



This is a  Royal 650-10 Merlin 1V Cold Drink Merchandiser with a new Coke Coca-Cola medallion, the machine's condition throughout ranges from excellent to like new.

It is equipped to accept $1 bills, and is ready to operate, and may be up fitted to accept $1 & $5 bills for an additional $200. The Royal Merlin IV 650 Cold Drink Merchandisers vend a variety of cold drinks: energy drinks, juice, soda, and water packaged in 12-oz cans, 16-oz, 20-oz and 1 liter plastic bottles. No shims and no mechanism adjustments are necessary to change product sizes from 12-oz cans to 20-oz. plastic bottles for Coke and Pepsi products, etc.

The Royal 650 Merlin 1V series design differs from other leading manufacturers. While most manufacturers have columns designed to hold the same product in each column front to back, the Royal design divides each column into 2 spaces (a front and a back space) creating 12 columns, each column/space able to hold different products. The columns are assigned/programmed to one of 10 selection buttons by means of the machine's electronic control board. This allows greater flexibility in establishing peak product capacity per selection for each location's needs, in-turn allowing the vending operator to increase time between service intervals.

Royal is the #1 manufacturer for Coca-Cola Coke machines. The Royal factory is located in West Virginia. Replacement parts are readily available and reasonably priced.

Warranty:  A 30 day part warranty is included (All replacement parts to be supplied/obtained from seller, Automated Services LLC, 145 Pepe's Farm Rd Milford, CT 06460. Labor is the responsibility of the buyer.)



* Delivery chute sensor.   

* Enhanced electronics and LED display.   

* Programmable options.   

* High-Capacity stack.   

* Historical and interval accounting data.   

* Lowest weights among comparable models.   

* Electronic refrigeration.               



* Height: 72"   

* Width: 37"   

* Depth: 35.5"   

* Shelves: 12 columns, 10 selections.   

* Capacity: Approximate, depending upon exact package size and shape, 54-12oz/ cans per                      column, Total: 648, or 24-20oz swirl plastic bottles per column, Total 288, or 15-1 liter plastic bottles per   column, Total 180

* Weight: 620 lbs.   

* Operation - electric, CSA and UL Listed   

* Electrical - 120 volts; 60Hz; 11 1/2 amperes.



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